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Stacker Crane
The RM-1500 stacker crane is an economical alternative to a fork truck for repetitive material handling operations. Pallet loads weighing up to 4,000 pounds can be transferred from the conveyor to the floor for handling with pallet jacks. Loads can also be double stacked.
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Load Squaring System
The LP-2000 provides an inline system to automatically square loads of palletized cases on all four sides. Systems are designed and manufactured to meet most load configurations and weights. A turntable automatically positions product for squaring.
For more information call us at (724)658-4516 or

Pallet Straightener
The Newcastle Pallet Straightener is a heavy duty steel magazine used to straighten and store stacks of pallets. Each Pallet Straightener is custom built to meet the customer's specifications.
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The G-790 automatically up-ends or down-ends rolls of product. Conveyor positions rolls in system. Loads up to 4000 pounds can be rotated 90 degrees.
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Double Load Stacker
Palletized product is received and automatically double stacked for better utilization of warehouse racks and truck trailers. Conveyor provided for product infeed and discharge.
For more information call us at (724)658-4516 or

Transfer Cars
The W-550 transfer car transfers product from loading and unloading stations and between conveyor lines. Power roller or drag chain conveyor decks transfer pallets in different configurations. Optional scissor lift allows for infeed and discharge at different elevations depending or requirements. Power transmission and control are accomplished through a cable carrier, wire rope festoon, rail festoon or spring wound drum. Many different configurations are available.
For more information call us at (724)658-4516 or

Bag Flattener
The IC-2500 bag flattener is designed to produce flat, uniform bags. This machine is well suited for manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic bag palletizing systems. Two 1 hp gearmotors are used to convey and compress product. Compression exerted on bags is fully adjustable with an air regulator. Nema 12 dust tight controls are standard equipment. Explosion proof controls, infeed section, wider conveyor sections, and casters are optional.
For more information call us at (724)658-4516 or

Keg Degrouper
The Keg Degrouping system automatically destacks layers of kegs and keg boards. Keg boards are automatically removed, stacked, and staged for removal. The system is capable of handling 700 kegs an hour.
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