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New Castle, PA 16105
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Thru-Frame Chain Transfer Conveyor
The CTXT-2060 utilizes pop-up chains to transfer loads at a right angle. This unit is designed to operate with chain driven live roller conveyors. Air actuators with a tie rod assembly insure even lifting.
For more information call us at (724)658-4516 or

Stainless Steel Conveyors
The 2500-SS is a 304 stainless steel, chain driven conveyor. This unit is designed to handle heavy duty products from drums to pallet loads in various environments. Conveyors are manufactured to meet the requirements of your specific application.
For more information call us at (724)658-4516 or

Roller Accumulation Conveyors
Products are transported and accumulated with minimum back pressure with this roller flight conveyor. Side drive chains support rollers. Roller diameters, roller spacing, and effective widths are available to suit many applications.
Model 300
For more information call us at (724)658-4516 or

Two Strand Drag Chain Conveyors
Drag chain conveyors are designed to handle pallet oriented in the “wrong way” for powered roller conveyers. Chains are supported by UHMW profiles providing good wear resistance. No. 50, 60, 80, and 100 roller chains are utilized depending on application.
For more information call us at (724)658-4516 or

Plastic Chain Conveyor
Easy to maintain plastic chain conveyor provides an effective method to accumulate and convey drums or kegs. Chain speeds and spacing are built to suit application.
For more information call us at (724)658-4516 or
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